Extending Array with this binarySearch method allows you to re-use the functional arguments to passed to sort to generate the sorted array in the first place.


  1. noah

    Should the title be “Binary *search* an array in JavaScript”?

  2. John

    There is example of using search array functionality


    as described here it supports any array items type, even array of json objects
    Looks good

  3. Jim Hawk III

    i = parseInt((low + high) / 2, 10); ????

    What’s wrong with i = Math.floor((low + high) / 2); ? parseInt has to turn the math result to a string, and then back to a number again, which wastes a lot of time.

  4. Jim Hawk III

    Well, since I’ve already tossed my hat in, it occurs to me that the return for a failed search should be -1, which stays with the pattern established by String.indexOf. Since null is not a number, and every other possible result of the function is a number, you really ought to stay with numbers rather than tossing in null.

  5. Jim Hawk III

    Oh, one more thing:


    is redundant.


    works just fine.

  6. bob

    the “continue”s are unnecessary if you just use if/else

    if (comparison < 0)
    low = i + 1;
    else if (comparison > 0)
    high = i – 1;
    return i;

  7. Peter Wone

    It is often more useful to return the termination index. You can use this to retrieve, or to insert in order.

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