Some of my co-workers like to use Notational Velocity to store sensitive information. Though a fine application, I’m partial to my existing tools and wanted something more general-purpose and flexible.

To that end, I set up a simple encrypted disk image and configured it to mount with a password prompt when I log on.

  1. Open Disk Utility and select New Image from the toolbar.

  2. Configure the Disk Image. I don’t have any big files to encrypt so I opted for the smallest (10MB) image size. Select an option from the Encryption drop-down.

  3. Set up a password for your disk image.

  4. In order to require password entry to open the disk image you’ll need to set up the permissions in Keychain Access.

  5. Under Access Control for the disk image Keychain entry, remove diskimages-helper from the list of programs always allowed to access the entry.

  6. In the Accounts Preference Pane, configure the disk image to mount on login.

Now simply select the mounted volume as the destination for files you want encrypted and sleep easy.

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